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PAPP Board of Directors

PAPP Board of Directors

Robert J. Henry           Director/ CFO                   Retired Pastor, Logan’s Ferry Presbyterian Church

Darrick Borland           Board President               New Partners/ New Dollars

Derek DeGraeve         Vice President                  Zechariah’s corner- Community Development Projects

Deborah Pokusa         Board Secretary               Liaison to Resurrection 15068

Jayne Bakos                Board Member                 Liaison to the Allegheny Valley Association of Churches

Tracey Burton            Site Facilitator                   Liaison to Living Well

Karen Clontz              Board Member                 Butterfly projects- Community projects for the Disabled

Scott McMannis       Board Member                  Bridges to a Sustainable Future- Site Team Leader 

Sally Allan                  Board Member                  Member – former Parnassus Church

Leslie McLaughlin     Board Member                  Director of Helping Families – One Family at a Time